MT. Kilimanjaro – 5 Days Marangu Route(5 Days,4 Nights)




Marangu is the most popular route and is widely known for its reputation for being an “easier” climb as it gets you to the Top the Quickest.It is given the Moniker Coca-Cola because you can easily get a bottle of Coca-Cola at each hut.It is also the original route established to Climb Mount Kilimanjaro.

This route uses the same ascent and descent routes meaning it is less scenic than the other routes.

This is also the only route that offers dormitory style hut accommodations for climbers who do not wish to camp.If you prefer the dormitory style accommodations, please remember that you will be sharing the huts with lots of other climbers hence why it is referred to as “dormitory style accommodation”.The hut accommodation also means that it one of the best routes to attempt Kilimanjaro even during the rainy season.


Our Hiking Tricks

✅ Ski sticks will come in handy during the ascent to the summit.They also help protect your knees when treading downhill.

✅Filling your bottle at night with hot water provides a comforting heat pad to slip in your bag or beneath your pillow

✅Powdered drink mix/sport’s mix helps with maintaining hydration(Tang,Gatorade,Lemonade)

✅Find a hiking pace you can keep all day

✅Don’t forget to pack some of your favorite snacks for a break on the trail.





Accommodation on the route is in two person tents or in huts.Choice of lodging is part your preference or part availability.Tents are also erected for you when you arrive although if you want them erected in a particular position it is worth taking charge.

It is also worth noting that huts are generally warmer than tents,however,please note that there may be other trekking parties besides yours in the shelter.


This is important as it helps you avoid complications and enjoy your ascent.The Route is planned to optimize height gain although you may still get a headache or feel nauseous.In this case what you should do is hydrate(water) copiously and walk at a very slow pace.

You may also want to use Diamox (a drug) from your doctor which is well proven to help with acclimatization.This is taken as tablets for a few days before and then during your ascent.It is safe and has no side effects.

It is important to remember that one possible effect of attitude is light-headedness and irrational decisions.The danger here is a person who is not well insisting on continuing.Stay on the look out for each other closely.


Water is available at several points and should be purified before drinking.Inquire with your guide about the nearest water points. Washrooms are available in the huts but not in the camps.Some camps have several and so its worth checking for the cleanest.If caught short during the trek,please find a spot as far as possible from the trail and water.Bury your faces and paper


There is definitely no avoiding the steep ascents and high attitudes making robust physical fitness a prerequisite for any trip.You will want to consult your physician before undertaking this unforgettable adventure.


Menu’s for all climbs are specially prepared to provide a balanced diet.Our menu’s consists of fruits,vegetables,plenty of protein and carbohydrates.Our diets are specially selected and are easy to digest in high attitudes.

Dinner’s are typically a main course and a vegetable and salad.Chicken and fish are also served on some days.

Lunch on the trail consists of cold cuts and vegetables laid out on a table so you can make your own sandwich.Fresh hot soup is served after every meal.

Breakfast of your choice:Granola,fried eggs or French toast


Our cooks are specially trained and an experienced chefs.We carefully curate and constantly review our menus.

Our cooks are extremely vigilant as far as hygiene practices in the kitchen are concerned.Please note that your own supply of energy chocolate bars is recommended.


Tour Amenities

Car parking

Tour Plan

Leave Nairobi at 7.30am by your shuttle to Moshi arriving in the evening. Dinner and Overnight at the Zebra hotel.
After breakfast we will collect you from your hotel for your transfer to Marangu Gate for registration. Our porters prepare and pack our supplies and luggage before we start our ascent on a cleared ridge trail through the rainforest. The forest, covered with mist and dripping with beards of moss, is also where most of Kilimanjaro's animals are found. We will spend our first night at Mandara Hut, a group of wooden A-framed huts set in a forest clearing. Meals;BLD
From Mandara Hut the trail passes through a short stretch of forest, skirting the base of the Maundi Crater emerging into the transition zone from rain forest to moorland. After about 6 hours we arrive at Horombo for Overnight. Meals;BLD
From Horombo Hut there are two trails to the saddle.The right fork is very Stony and eroded and is the most direct route to the Saddle and Mawenzi.From the Saddle(about 2hrs from Horombo)there are trails to Mawenzi hut (1/2 hour)or Mawenzi Turn hut (2 1/2hours) and across the length of the saddle to Kibo hut (3hrs).The left fork from Horombo Hut is an easier Trail and emerges on the saddle much closer to Kibo and about one kilometer from Kibo hut. Meals;BLD
We will wake up around 23:30 hours, and after some tea and biscuits we shuffle off into the night, and this is where the going really gets tough. The first section of the trail consists of a rocky path to the Hans Meyer point (5250m), also a good resting spot. The path then zigzags up to Gilman's Point (5681m), which is located on the crater rim. This section is very steep with a lot of stone scree, requiring a great physical and mental effort. From Gilman's Point we will normally encounter snow all the way up to Uhuru Peak (5895m), the highest point in Africa. Weather conditions on the summit will determine how long we will be able to spend taking photographs before the 3 hours descent back to Kibo Hut. After a short rest we gather all the gear we left behind for the ascent and head down to Horombo Hut, a further 3 hours. Later in the evening, we will enjoy our last dinner on the mountain and a well-earned sleep. Meals;BLD
After breakfast you continue your descent(6hrs) passing the Mandara hut down to the Marangu Gate.At the Marangu Gate you sign your name and details in a register.This is also where successful climbers receive their summit certificates. You now drive for a long overdue hot shower, dinner and celebrations in Moshi. Meals;BLD
After breakfast, transfer to Nairobi or transfer to Kilimanjaro airport.

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